"god hates fangs"

...but I love them


fiona apple;elvis costello; eddie veddar;van morrison;bob dylan;damien rice;damien leith;jeff buckley;michelle branch;ricki lee jones;peter gabriel;katie noonan;casey donovan;paul kelly


pearl jam;cold chisel;crowded house;red hot chili peppers;evanescence;radiohead; matchbox 20;rem;maroon5;dave matthews band;oasis;fastball;hunters & collectors;simply red


I want you/alison/beautiful(cover)/less than zero/veronika/she(cover)/watching the detectives -- EC

waltz(better than fine)/i know/get gone/the first taste/the child is gone/love ridden/extraordinary machine/tymps/parting gift/red red red -- FA

black/off he goes/last kiss/light years/yellow ledbetter/man of the hour/better man/nothing as it seems/around the bend/parting ways/fatal/i am mine/thin air -- PJ

hey now/wonderwall/champagne supernova -- oasis

high & dry/creep -- radiohead

delicate/grey room/the blower's daughter/hallelujah -- damien rice

hallelujah -- JB

superman -- five for fighting

iris -- goo goo dolls

khe sanh/flame trees/when the war is over/bow eiver/forever now/bal-a-versailles/he can't believe it's over with you/so hard/last wave of summer -- CC

how to make gravy/everything's turning to white/when i first met your ma -- PK

rest in peace/what you feel/under your spell standing reprise/something to sing about/walk through the fire -- OMWF

the point of no return/angel of music/phantom of the opera/music of the night/down once more -- POTO

goodbye to you -- michelle branch acoustic version

beautiful -- casey donovan

special ones -- george

it's all over now baby blue -- bob dylan AND graham bonnet versions

martha/tom traubert's blues -- tom waits

the way/out of my head/fire escape -- fastball

henry lee/where the wild roses grow -- nick cave

rainbow sleeves -- ricki lee jones

by the way/univerally speaking/dosed/zepher song/i could die for you/midnight/tear/dani california/stadium arcadium/snow(hey oh)/slow cheetah/wet sand/under the bridge -- RHCP

bring me to life/my immortal/torniquet/going under/sweet sacrifice/call me when you're sober/lithium/snow white queen/good enough/lachrymosa -- evanescence

if you're gone/push/long day/3am/bent/unwell/disease/smooth -- matchbox 20

throw your arms around me/do you see what i see/blind eye/holy grail/say goodbye/talking to a stranger/true tears of joy -- H&C


crowded house

finns solo

van morrison

bob dylan



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