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Interesting list - Buffyverse characters rated ...

Posted by lovesbitch on October 3, 2014 at 10:40 PM
this is an interesting read !
117 Buffyverse characters rated from worst to best. Naturally
WAY too subjective a topic to get any 2 Whedon fans to agree
- let alone us all. The idea is ludicrous. Yet, for those of us list
inclined it certainly gets the wheels spinning.
Personally, I LOVE the last place choice. As for first, Spike
is it BUT ....... at least they put him second & put a very
worthy top 5 character above him.
Many many disagreements -- Faith much lower, Doyle, Lorne &
Lilah higher, Rack much higher, THEY DIDN'T INCLUDE THE
or DER KINDERSTAD - the most terrifying big bads
of all.
Angel lower, Wesley much lower, Cordelia lower, Riley higher,
Glory & D'Hoffryn higher, Amy & Jonathon lower, Darla lower,
Drusilla higher etc etc etc.
Overall though, with a few glaring exceptions it wasn't near as
bad as I expected !

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