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Posted by lovesbitch on January 18, 2010 at 5:27 PM

because 99% of the time it is these books/movies/tv shows that are the only thing holding my interest enough to hang around. My kids are adults and, whilst they do love me, they don't need me.


1: Who will be Sookie's HEA in the Sookie Stackhouse series?

~~ I like all her suitors bar Quinn, but Bill is the one. He always has been, for me. I thought there was a fair chance for him but after reading a few things I suspect not.

I believe it will be Sam and while I adore Bill, Sam will do fine for her. He is a wonderful man who loves her and will give her what she needs.

Sadly, after the book this year there are 3 more to go. At 1 per year I doubt I will ever find out.


2: Will Jericho Barrons & Mac end up together in the Fever series?

~~~ luckily, only one more book to come. Unluckily, not due til December. Still, I have high hopes that I will read a HEA there. I do love JZB.


3: Who will Cassie end up with in the Cassie Palmer series?

~~ It is between Mircea & Pritkin. I love them both but I think it will be Mircea. They both deserve to be happy and they both adore her.

I am fairly sure I won't ever know about this one. The next book isn't due for 18 months and then there could be up to 4 more. At the current rate I would die of old age anyway.


4: some easy ones ... Kate & Curran in the Kate Daniels series - YEP. I don't have a doubt there. Cat & Bones together for ever in the Night Huntress series - double yep. Nothing but death would split those 2. I would like to know if Vlad gets a HEA but with at least 3 more books planned, who can say.


5: Black Dagger Brotherhood - man I love these guys. Usually a HEA per book so it's only a question of will the book I am interested in be soon. The only couple left I really want to see together is Qhuinn & Blay so hopefully soon .. JR Ward says yes they are HEA so yay, I would love to read it though.


6: Morganville Vampires - I want to see Shane & Claire settled HEA but I have no idea how many books to come so ... I think they will, that will have to do.


7: Will Dorian & Eugenie live HEA in the Dark Swan series?

~~~ I think so. I hope so. Only 2 more books and usually one per year so maybe I will read a happy ending there.


8: new series - I want to see Jane & Anyan end up together (Jane True series) and Toby & Tybalt ditto (October Daye series). With however many books to come in each of these new series, I doubt I will find out so I shall believe.




I need to see Sherlock Holmes, Alice in Wonderland and Cabin in the Woods. First 2 are now-ish but CITW delayed til '11. Fingers crossed.




Whether realistic or realms of fantasy, these are the HEAs I want to see in my favourite shows -- House/Cameron, Abby/McGee, ELLIOTT/OLIVIA for god's sake, after 11 years give us something !! Bones/Booth although I care less since the shitty trick played at the end of last season, Prentiss/Hotch, Garcia/Kevin, Castle/Beckett, Bill/Sookie (if not the books AT LEAST in True Blood)

Yea, sad as it is these are my reasons to believe (isn't that a song?)

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Reply lovesbitch
11:20 PM on April 21, 2010 
it's 4 months later. I saw Sherlock - LOVED it ! RDJ, his sex appeal is only surpassed by his talent.

Shutter Islnd is out soonish, another I need to wait around for.

All the book couples up there ^^^ haven't changed. I now really wish Pritkin would end up with Cassie but I still think it will be Mircea and A: I love him too B: prolly never know
Kate and Curran will "resolve" their relationship in the book due next month, I have a good feeling about them. Sookie will not resolve anything, although in the book also due very soon she is with Eric. He's gorgeous and he loves her as much as he is able. Plus, the hottest sex in the world. Who can blame her? I truly don't think she will end up wth him but if she does, good for her :)
Reply lovesbitch
5:29 AM on November 23, 2011 
I just typed for 30 minutes, updating these series etc, then there was a fucking GLITCH and it is gone GRRRRRRRRRR
Way too tired to start again now, maybe tomorrow.