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Animusic HD - Resonant Chamber

Wow ! You will be amazed .. Absolutely Mesmerizing

Posted by Gregory Stewart on Friday, November 23, 2012

Interesting list - Buffyverse characters rated ...

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this is an interesting read !
117 Buffyverse characters rated from worst to best. Naturally
WAY too subjective a topic to get any 2 Whedon fans to agree
- let alone us all. The idea is ludicrous. Yet, for those of us list
inclined it certainly gets the wheels spinning.
Personally, I LOVE the last place choice. As for first, Spike
is it BUT ....... at least they put him second & put a very
worthy top 5 character above him.
Many many disagreements -- Faith much lower, Doyle, Lorne &
Lilah higher, Rack much higher, THEY DIDN'T INCLUDE THE
or DER KINDERSTAD - the most terrifying big bads
of all.
Angel lower, Wesley much lower, Cordelia lower, Riley higher,
Glory & D'Hoffryn higher, Amy & Jonathon lower, Darla lower,
Drusilla higher etc etc etc.
Overall though, with a few glaring exceptions it wasn't near as
bad as I expected !

top 45 performances in a movie - ever - according to me :)

Posted by lovesbitch on December 10, 2011 at 1:45 AM Comments comments (3)
I have been watching quite a few older dvds lately - movies I may not
 have seen for a while. I just finished watching Peacock - with Cillian 
Murphy giving the most unbelievably great performance (s) - and 
that inspired me to make a list. I do love lists :D
(no particular order, just as they come to mind - I 
reached the half century yesterday, that's ALOT of 
movies !)
This is NOT anything to do with the overall film, 
simply that single character performance.
Sir Anthony Hopkins - Dr Hannibal Lector(Silence of the Lambs)
Cillian Murphy - John/Emma Skillpa(Peacock)
Johnny Depp - Captain Jack Sparrow (original POTC)
Johnny Depp - Edward(Edward Scissorhands)
Sir Ian McKellan - Gandalf(LOTR trilogy)
Al Pacino - Michael Corleone(Godfather trilogy)
Al Pacino - Lt Col. Frank Slade(Scent of a Woman)
Kate Winslet - Clementine Kruczynski(Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)
Robert Downey Jr - Tommy Larson(Home for the Holidays)
Val Kilmer - Doc Holliday(Tombstone)
Val Kilmer - Gay Perry(Kiss Kiss Bang Bang)
Cate Blanchett - Elizabeth 1(Elizabeth)
Scarlett Johannsen - Purslane Hominy Wilkes(A Love Song for Bobby Long)
Leonardo diCaprio - Billy(the Departed)
Mike Myers - Dr Evil(Austen Powers)
Sandra Bullock - Gracie Hart(Miss Congeniality)
Denzel Washington - Creesey(Man on Fire)
Viggo Mortensen - Aragorn(LOTR trilogy)
Edward Norton - Aaron Stampler(Primal Fear)
Edward Norton - Derek Vinyard(American History X)
Jeremy Irons - Alex(Stealing Beauty)
Nicole Kidman - Virginia Woolfe(the Hours)
Julia Roberts - Vivian(Pretty Woman)
Shirley MacClaine - Ouiser Boudreaux(Steel Magnolias)
Alan Rickman - Metatron(Dogma)
Patrick Swayze - Johnny Castle(Dirty Dancing)
Hilary Swank - Maggie(Million Dollar Baby)
Geoffrey Rush - The Marquis de Sade(Quills)
Geoffrey Rush - Lionel Logue(The King's Speech)
Colin Firth - Mr Darcy(Pride & Prejudice)
Colin Firth -  George Falconer(A Single Man)
Robert de Niro - Max Cady(Cape Fear)
Jack Nicholson - Melvin Udall(As Good as it Gets)
Paul Dano - Dwayne(Little Miss Sunshine)
Steve Carell - Frank(Little Miss Sunshine)
Robin Williams - John Keating(Dead Poet's Society)
Robin Williams - Adrian Kronaur(Good Morning Vietnam)
Nathan Fillion - Capt Malcolm Reynolds(Serenity)
Gene Hackman - Reverend Scott(Poseidon Adventure)
Ben Kingsley - Behrani(House of Sand & Fog)
Sophie Okonedo - May Boatwright(the Secret Life of Bees)
Rupert Everett - George Downes(My Best Friend's Wedding)
Angelina Jolie - Lisa(Girl, Interrupted)
Jennifer Garner - Jenna Rink(Suddenly 30)
Helen Hunt - Carol Connelly(As Good as it Gets)

RIP Anne McCaffrey

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I just found out that the wonderful writer Anne McCaffrey passed away on Monday 21st November 2011. She was 85, so she had a good innings {as they say in cricket mad countries like mine}

I was told by the lady who originally introduced me to Ms McCaffrey's books -- many many moons ago (15+ years :o) Pern - with it's magnificent dragons & beautifully realised characters, remains a favourite series but it is closely followed by the Talent/Rowan books, the Crystal Singer books & the Freedom books. However, I own 99.9% of the lady's works and I have never read one I did not greatly enjoy.

Thankyou Ms McCaffrey, for giving me & millions of others so many hours spent in such wondrous places :)

is this menopause

Posted by lovesbitch on September 13, 2010 at 11:31 PM Comments comments (1)

because I tell ya, there had better be some reason for the way I feel. OK, clinical depression/bipolar depending on who you ask plus severe anxiety attacks that keep me housebound. That's about enough, I would have said. That's along with the shitload of physical health problems too.

So, yea. I turn 49 at the end of the year and I have long looked forward to menopause because hey, who needs periods? I knew I was likely to go through stuff, as my PMS has long been really bad, but this ......

I have been "without" for over 2 months I think and in that time - aside from more headaches even than usual, upset stomach, dizzy, exhausted but unable to sleep - my mind has been slowly worsening every day. For the past 10 years reading, tv, movies - they have filled my days & made each one almost bearable. Now I hate every book I own, don't turn the tv on, feel like smashing my dvds -- and the huge problem is I have NOTHING to replace them. When I get on the computer I spend money I don't have. There is nothing else to do. Literally. I am so fucking angry all the time, which is different. Sad, anxious, even hysterical is normal for me but this fury, at nothing & everything, it's wearing me down even more.

So, yea. There had better be an upside to all this shit, like no more tampons. Because if this is all a false alarm I am REALLY going to hit someone.






Eddie Vedder = god?

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Backspacer. Their latest studio album. I can't stop playing it. The lyrics. The music. Vedder's voice :unsure: I cry in "the End". Every.Single.Time. (last song so apt title) It's not just the heartrending lyrics, it's the voice ! I don't have words to describe Eddie Vedder's genius. I just bathe in it and thank whoever. Probably Mr & Mrs Eddie's parents. This guy has been fronting the BEST band in the world for how many decades now??

The End
by E. Vedder

What were all those dreams we shared
Those many years ago?
What were all those plans we made
Now left beside the road?
Behind us in the road

More than friends I always pledged
Cause friends they come and go
People change as does everything
I wanted to grow old
Just want to grow old

Slide on next to me
I’m just a human being
I will take the blame
But just the same
This is not me
You see
I’m better than this
Don’t leave me so cold
Or buried beneath the stones
I just want to hold on
And know I’m worth your love
I don’t think
There’s such a thing

It’s my fault, Now I been caught
A sickness in my bones
How it pains to leave you here
With the kids on your own
Just don’t let me go

Help me see myself
Cause I can no longer tell
Looking out from the inside of
The bottom of a well
I yell
It’s hell
But no one hears

Before I disappear
Whisper in my ear
Give me something to echo
In my unknown future's ear
My dear
The End
Comes near
I’m here
But not much longer




things to live for

Posted by lovesbitch on January 18, 2010 at 5:27 PM Comments comments (2)

because 99% of the time it is these books/movies/tv shows that are the only thing holding my interest enough to hang around. My kids are adults and, whilst they do love me, they don't need me.


1: Who will be Sookie's HEA in the Sookie Stackhouse series?

~~ I like all her suitors bar Quinn, but Bill is the one. He always has been, for me. I thought there was a fair chance for him but after reading a few things I suspect not.

I believe it will be Sam and while I adore Bill, Sam will do fine for her. He is a wonderful man who loves her and will give her what she needs.

Sadly, after the book this year there are 3 more to go. At 1 per year I doubt I will ever find out.


2: Will Jericho Barrons & Mac end up together in the Fever series?

~~~ luckily, only one more book to come. Unluckily, not due til December. Still, I have high hopes that I will read a HEA there. I do love JZB.


3: Who will Cassie end up with in the Cassie Palmer series?

~~ It is between Mircea & Pritkin. I love them both but I think it will be Mircea. They both deserve to be happy and they both adore her.

I am fairly sure I won't ever know about this one. The next book isn't due for 18 months and then there could be up to 4 more. At the current rate I would die of old age anyway.


4: some easy ones ... Kate & Curran in the Kate Daniels series - YEP. I don't have a doubt there. Cat & Bones together for ever in the Night Huntress series - double yep. Nothing but death would split those 2. I would like to know if Vlad gets a HEA but with at least 3 more books planned, who can say.


5: Black Dagger Brotherhood - man I love these guys. Usually a HEA per book so it's only a question of will the book I am interested in be soon. The only couple left I really want to see together is Qhuinn & Blay so hopefully soon .. JR Ward says yes they are HEA so yay, I would love to read it though.


6: Morganville Vampires - I want to see Shane & Claire settled HEA but I have no idea how many books to come so ... I think they will, that will have to do.


7: Will Dorian & Eugenie live HEA in the Dark Swan series?

~~~ I think so. I hope so. Only 2 more books and usually one per year so maybe I will read a happy ending there.


8: new series - I want to see Jane & Anyan end up together (Jane True series) and Toby & Tybalt ditto (October Daye series). With however many books to come in each of these new series, I doubt I will find out so I shall believe.




I need to see Sherlock Holmes, Alice in Wonderland and Cabin in the Woods. First 2 are now-ish but CITW delayed til '11. Fingers crossed.




Whether realistic or realms of fantasy, these are the HEAs I want to see in my favourite shows -- House/Cameron, Abby/McGee, ELLIOTT/OLIVIA for god's sake, after 11 years give us something !! Bones/Booth although I care less since the shitty trick played at the end of last season, Prentiss/Hotch, Garcia/Kevin, Castle/Beckett, Bill/Sookie (if not the books AT LEAST in True Blood)

Yea, sad as it is these are my reasons to believe (isn't that a song?)

Golden Globes 2009 and Michael C Hall

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Well, I am just looking around the net 
to see who won that I care about.
BEST news - Robert Downey Jr won for 
Sherlock Holmes !!!!:D:D
EQUAL BEST news - Michael C Hall won 
best actor in a tv drama (this led to
me learning something that is the
opposite of best news, but later ...)
and it seems the only other award I 
agree with is John Lithgow winning
best supporting for Dexter. Told ya he
was seriously fucking scary !!
The hugely shocking awful news 
that upset me - Michael C Hall has
cancer.It is fortunate that it is
non Hodgkins lymphoma, one of the
most treatable cancers. He apparantly
had it last year and has been getting
treatment and he is now officially
in remission.
Michael, you are a superb actor and 
seemingly a nice person. You deserve
that award probably more than anyone
ever did, your acting in Dexter is
off the charts good. Be well. Recover
fully, take care of yourself and live
a very long & healthy happy life.
I don't personally care about too many celebs 
(the real people I mean, I might love their
character but the person behind the acting, meh)
Michael is one I care about very much.
Congratulations on tonight.

more listiness

Posted by lovesbitch on December 24, 2009 at 9:19 PM Comments comments (0)

well, really not actual lists but just my selections for -- stuff that happened in 2009

TV shows I am saddest about being canned - LIFE !!!! Crewes, Reese, Tidwell & Ted made this show a unique crime show with much more humour, heart & intelligence than most.

Also Dollhouse and 2 that are still theoretically being made but have been ruined by casting disasters - Scrubs & Law & Order Criminal Intent

Saddest losses of Famous People - PATRICK SWAYZE. What a gentleman he was, a good person, a good actor and the focus of millions of dreams when he brought Johnny to life in Dirty Dancing.

Brittany Murphy was a very sad loss also and of course the beautiful Host, Andy Hallett, dead at 33.

Best movies for 2009 - Taken (Liam Neeson) the Soloist (RDJ) the Private Lives of Pippa Lee (Robin Wright) Milk (Sean Penn) Zombieland (Woody Harrelson) Sherlock Holmes (RDJ - preemptive here as it is released tomorrow but I KNOW it will be the best ) 500 Days of Summer (Zooey Deschanel) The Ugly Truth (Gerry Butler/Katey Heigl) Precious ; Good (Viggo) Law Abiding Citizen (Gerry Butler)

I Just LOVE end-of-year lists !

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What can I say? I am a list addict. Little bit OCD - sure.

Love end of year because then I can make all the lists of "best of year" I want & only look slightly obsessive :dry:

**my lists are never in exact order - my head would explode trying to decide**

Covered the sexy boys & girls on tv so ...

10 Best Shows of 2009

True Blood





Criminal Minds




Rush (Aussie only)

15 Best Books of 2009

Under the Dome - Stephen King

Dead & Gone - Charlaine Harris

Lover Avenged - JR Ward

Dreamfever - Karen Marie Moning

The Lovers - John Connolly

Tempest Rising - Nicole Peeler

The Strangely Beautiful World of Miss Percy Parker - Leanna Renee Hieber

Rosemary & Rue - Seanan McGuire

Soulless - Gail Carriger

Magic Strikes - Ilona Andrews

Destined for an Early Grave - Jeaniene Frost

Thorn Queen - Richelle Mead

Curse the Dawn - Karen Chance

The Pilo Family Circus - Will Elliott

Heart Shaped Box - Joe Hill

to be continued ...........