"god hates fangs"

...but I love them

Re Me ~

this site is just for me. I have spent almost 10 years living online and in that time I have made and trashed many different kinds of webhomes. As real life changes, I guess cyber life does also.

I used to make groups for friends to join and share and have fun. I had a poetry group, started with my late fiancee, that had the nicest & most talented bunch of members ever. All that is over now. I don't have friends, even through a moniter my toxicity spreads itself to those I love. My greatest gift is to keep completely to myself on here, just as I do in real life.

My brain is broken now, I have not written for years. Now I focus on my obsessions with collecting (way too many things), my favourite tv shows, movies & music, books - oh, and sleep  Here I will be jabbering quietly to myself, talking about what I love and what I hate, saving precious photos, playing with pretty colours and fancy fonts ... in short, trying another new thing to help fill my days.

My name is Debra. I am pushing 50, I have 3 ?grown ?children? who have all moved out now, and I spend my time talking to my teddy bears. My mostcommonly used aliases on this machine are mzblackwidow, kinnat (Celtic for ancient) & lovesbitch (did I mention yet I am totally obsessed with Buffy/King Joss ???)

 How could anyone resist visiting this place??


Heck is where you go to if you don't believe in Gosh !

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